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Day 899

Day 899 of being a parent:

Tonight my kiddos got to take a real bath together for the first time. In the tub. No extra help sitting. Just bath time. Finn didn’t stop shrieking and Amelia only knocked him over once. Success!


Day 898

Day 898 of being a parent:

A – Tonight it finally happened… Amelia drank out of Matt’s empty beer can. She may have gotten a drop (at most) and she was pretty cool with it. No bad reaction at all. Heaven help me.


F – Little Moose got to stay home with me today while Amelia went to daycare. He LOVED it. He also got to eat actual food for supper and he stuffed himself so much that it was tricky to give him a bath.


Day 897

Day 897 of being a parent:

We went swimming for the first time this year and it went so well!!!


God I love them…

Day 896

Day 896 of being a parent:

A – Today is my Big Grandma’s 80th birthday so we all got together to celebrate. Amelia got to hang out with Nash and I think it’s safe to say that she was a little excited.


F – Finn has been a real bear when it comes to sleep lately. I mean he just won’t go to sleep. Fights it. Cries. It’s rough. Thank goodness he’s so cute otherwise.


Day 895

Day 895 of being a parent:

We went to the store today and Amelia dressed herself…


She nailed it, obviously. Finn had these gems…


And they’re perfect for his little self.

Right now BOTH kids are throwing a fit over bedtime and it’s the worst. Finn won’t give it up and Amelia is insisting that I rock her. Heaven help me.

Day 894

Day 894 of being a parent:

Today Finnegan fell asleep in the car on the way home and when I went to get him out I noticed that he had a pretty strong resemblance to Chris Farley. I’ve never been more proud.


Day 893

Day 893 of being a parent:

A – Little Miss has had a lot of chaos in her life lately and, because of that, she’s been needing mommy a little more. Right now she’s sleeping on my shoulder while I rock back and forth on her bed. I’d do it every night if that’s what she needed. I’m hoping she’ll be over it by high school.

F – Little Moose was so funny today. He’s starting to get up on all fours and, when I left him in the living room for a few seconds I came back to this:



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