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Day 885

Day 885 of being a parent:

Little Lady is slipping away…


Day 884

Day 884 of being a parent:

My niece was born today and she’s pretty sick. But beautiful. So beautiful.

Day 883

Day 883 of being a parent:

So tired. So very tired. I just might fall asleep while writing this post, but I doubt I’m THAT zzzzzzzzx

Day 882

Day 882 of being a parent:

A – Little Miss was a flower child Wednesday Aadams today after I let her pick her own clothes.

F – If Little Moose is her Pugsly she’d better watch out since he popped that second tooth.


Day 881

Day 881 of being a parent:

A – Tonight we started a new strategy to get Little Miss to sleep faster than an hour and a half to two hours. She didn’t enjoy it and, after I left because she wasn’t listening, said “Mommy I tying” when I came back in. Broke. My. Heart.


F – Little Moose took the best picture of his life on his six month birthday.


Day 880

Day 880 of being a parent:

A – Tonight Little Miss and I read some Bible stories before bed and she found her daddy.


F – Little Moose has a stuffy nose and (like many men before him) it is the end of the world. Pray that he overcomes this obvious burden of only being able to SORT OF breath through his nose.


Day 879

Day 879 of being a parent:

A – Little Miss spent the day with her daddy while Finn and I went shopping. Before I left I had to take a picture of what she was doing. Cleaning everything. And really well actually. I’m thinking of renting her out since she works for cheese balls.


F – Little Moose spent the day with mommy in Jeff since we were getting super low on groceries. He was such a trooper and people stopped quite a bit to let me know how cute he is. Every time someone said something he just smiled and cooed. Charmer.



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